Ольга Шивцова


I chose photography because I like to work with people, to find and capture their beauty which they sometimes don’t even know about. Then watch their reaction when they see the result. The individuality of each person inspires me. Most of all I like the way film conveys it. Film photography has its own special charm, and the process of manual development and printing is almost meditative, during which you put energy, patience and soul into each photo. This increases the artistic value of each photo, but I am equally respectful of digital photography. My philosophy is that it doesn’t matter wat type of camera I have in my hands, the main thing is to realise an idea, a concept that has already been visualised in the head. In order to do this as efficiently as possible, I am constantly expanding my knowledge, not dwelling on the study of studio equipment and special programs, sometimes this is not enough to realise what was planned. Studying various embodiments of art, I replenish the supply of tools and the visual base for creating my work.


- 2016 – 2017, British Higher School of Art and Design, PreFAD, Moscow, Russia

- 2011 – WhitePhotoSchool, Fashion and Beauty, Moscow, Russia

- 2006 – 2011 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Sociology, Specialist in Management, Moscow, Russia


- 2019 – date Visiting Lecturer at ArtsCool Digital Design, British Higher School of Art and Design Moscow, Russia

- 2014 – date Design consultant at ADS – marketing production company

- 2011 – date Freelance Fashion and Art Photographer

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